Although I'd never argue that what I get to watch for work is anything less than enjoyable, sometimes I want to see movies just for the sake of some fun. Occasionally this means trudging out to a theater, plunking down a few hard-earned dollars and immersing myself in some imaginary world that is probably ridiculous, but really engaging, at least for a couple of hours. But more often than not, "fun" means digging back through some of my old favorites on DVD ir Blu-ray and finding out what made them so memorable when I seemed so much easier to impress.

Enter The Running Man. I mentioned this film a few weeks ago when I covered the Blu-ray release of Last Action Hero, but as coincidence would have it, both Arnold Schwarzenegger films were somehow released within a matter of weeks. As such, it seemed like a good palate-cleanser after the hubbub of the awards season, not to mention a good old-fashioned slice of stupid escapism before I immerse myself in the independent spirit of South By Southwest in the weeks to come.
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