Since 2007 Florida has offered tax credits to filmmakers willing to shoot their movies in the state. This can be a hard sell, as you know if you've ever been to Florida. Just about anything is eligible for the credits, covering 15 percent of the film's production costs, but some movies are eligible for additional discounts, too. For example, the current law allows for "family friendly" movies to get another 2 percent of their budget covered by the state. A bill now being considered by the Florida legislature would increase this bonus to 5 percent, and would add "nontraditional family values" to the list of things that would disqualify a movie from being eligible. And as you know, "nontraditional family values" means "the gays."

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Stephen Precourt (R-Orlando), said he didn't want to target gays specifically, but when the Palm Beach Postasked him whether movies with gay characters could qualify as "family friendly," he said, "That would not be the kind of thing I'd say that we want to invest public dollars in." This from the guy who represents Orlando, home of Walt Disney World, i.e., the gayest place in the universe.

Waitasec. Precourt represents Orlando. Disney is in Orlando. Disney makes a lot of family-friendly movies. Disney could therefore get a lot of tax credits by shooting locally. This is an astonishing coincidence.
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