The last thing anyone wants to read on this glorious Tuesday is another Oscar retrospective. But I just now thought of it, and it's cool to be fashionably late even to a discussion, right? Don't answer that.

One of my biggest disappointments about the 2010 nominations was seeing Watchmen shut out of anything to do with costume or art design, particularly the former. I'm a fan of Michael Wilkinson's work, and I think he's done an amazing job bringing the outlandish costumes of books such as 300 and Watchmen to life. But while Sandy Powell offended everyone else with her bored win for The Young Victoria, I actually appreciated that she dedicated it to "the costume designers that don't do movies about dead monarchs or glittery musicals" because I thought well, hey, she means men and women like Wilkinson. Because not only do costume designers on, in Powell's words, "the contemporary films and the low budget ones" rarely get enough recognition, the costume designers of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book movies never do.

And I do mean never. While I wasn't surprised to see Wilkinson shut out, I had this vague idea that the Oscars of the deep dark past had recognized geek genre movies such as Batman orStar Wars, and that all those costumes worshiped by cosplayers and costumers had been admired and rewarded by industry professionals too. Shockingly, that's not the case. The further I dug, the more snubs I uncovered. I even widened my criteria to more mainstream fantasy such as the Harry Potter series. The Oscar gold is very, very scarce.