lost 365There's no shortage of blog posts about Lost fan art on the Interweb, especially since funnyman Paul Scheer got the ball rolling in a big way last year. But superfan Jared Stumpenhorst's latest labor of Lost love deserves a mention.

To celebrate the show's final season, the graphic designer is creating a new piece of art inspired by Lost every day this year. Stumpenhorst calls the effort 'Lost 365', and so far he's created 31 awesome tributes to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's addictive island saga.

You can check out Stumpenhorst's clever and imaginative art on his blog. My favorites include the bright piece inspired by Sawyer, a Dharma bunnies poster, and his interpretation of Fake Locke, or Flocke (or whatever the Internet is calling him these days). You can also follow the artist on Twitter, and remember to tell him SciFi Squad sent ya.
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