When Disney debuted scenes at last year's Comic-Con for 'Tron Legacy,' the long-awaited sequel to the motherboards-meet-Oz adventure of the early 80s, the Internet went a little bananas.

"Kinetic, delirious and full of light-cycle brilliance," was how io9 described the test footage, which featured two light-cyclists in pursuit of one another through a computerized landscape, and a final, intriguing reveal of Jeff Bridges' gaming guru Kevin Flynn -- both in human and "program" form.

The first official trailer for 'Tron Legacy' opens in the earth-bound realm, with Bruce Boxleitner's Alan Bradley delivering Kevin's son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), information that he's received a page from a long-disconnected number. When the number is tracked to Sam's father's closed-down arcade, Sam finds himself pulled down the digital rabbit hole, destined for a mainframe meeting with his long, lost father.

Watch the trailer after the jump.