Thailand's film scene appears to be booming. Seems like I'm reading about some new and exciting project from the country at least once a week--which doesn't put it quite on par with Japan, Hong Kong, or South Korea, but is still impressive when you stop to consider where they were just a few short years ago.

The country's filmmakers seem to have developed a genuine love for horror cinema, which pleases me to no end. I've seen quite a few clips from Thai horror flicks over the past year or so, and while the films look typical of modern Asian horror cinema (meaning lots of ghost stories), they've all been intriguing enough to pique my interest. The latest title to blip onto my radar is Die a Violent Death (AKA Still), an anthology horror film that takes a cue from Law & Order by "ripping its stories straight from the headlines."

Twitch snagged an English subtitled trailer for the film, which showcases the four tales of terror from the movie. The stories involve a haunted hotel room, a prison suicide, a nightclub fire, and a corpse stashed inside an apartment building's water tank (gross). None of the stories sound blazingly original, but the trailer looks good--aside from the poorly done English subtitles--and I imagine fans of Asian ghost stories that feature at least a little blood and gore will find the film worth checking out.

No word yet on an American release, but I'll keep you posted. Jump past the break to view the trailer.
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