Just when you think we've sunk to a new low with the announcement of some ridiculous reality television show, we can always look to our friends around the globe to feel better about things since they've already gone there many times before ... and then some. Take, for example, the German TV show that brought a girl on who claims she can name specific Star Wars characters while blindfolded by sticking their minifigures in her mouth.

At first, you're like, "What kind of television show would actually put something like that on the air?" And then you slowly move over to this girl, who, I'll admit, was sort of impressive in the way she stuck a Princess Leia/Endor minifig in her mouth and then promptly named not only the correct character, but also the specific type of character (Leia was in her Endor outfit). But then you have to wonder how this girl came to learn about this special gift of hers in the first place. Obviously, as an infant, she was probably sticking all sorts of things in her mouth ... but this girl looks like she's about 16 or 17 years old! (Edited to add: Apparently the girl is 10 years old, which kinda makes the whole thing a little bit creepier.)

Soooo ... did she sit home all day sticking Star Wars minifigs in her mouth in the hopes that one day a really bizarre television show would come about and she'd be able to share her gift with the world? Or ... what? Should we even go near the other sorts of circumstances that would lead her to be obsessed with sticking Star Wars minifigs in her mouth? Yeah, I'm staying far away from this one.

Feel free to watch the video after the jump, and let us know what you think: strangest Star Wars fetish, or not really that bizarre at all?