Back in October, we brought you word of another twist in the tangled and lengthy vampire legend, American Vampire. Written Scott Snyder, with art by Rafael Albuquerque, American Vampire is a new monthly comic. Oh, and they're getting some help from Stephen King. Since it's tough to find any water in that well, Snyder and King are going in a different direction and introducing new strain of vampire-a more brutish and violent type, without the trappings of Eastern European vampire lore, hence the title.

The first story arc will play out over 5 issues with 2 different tales. Snyder helms one, while King himself does his first bit of written (not adapted) work for a comic. After King eventually departs, they'll work their way through the first American vampire's various blood drinking shenanigans throughout various decades. I can only hope this means we'll get a nod to Hammer's Dracula AD 1972.

While Snyder's storyline is one set against the backdrop of the roaring 20's, it's King's that I'm looking forward to - a murderous cowboy by the name of Skinner Sweet. How can you not be intrigued by that?

But here's the best part - Jim Lee just released a preview of a variant cover he's worked up. King and Lee? And vampire cowboys? Yes, please. A thousand times, yes. Get a taste of it here. American Vampire is right around the corner. Grab one at your local comic shop on March 17th.
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