I suspect Marvel may actually be Big Brother. Yesterday afternoon, Fox 411 and their anonymous source confirmed that John Krasinski was Captain America, as we had reported earlier, and Twitter exploded in righteous debate and indignation. (I was one of them, yes.) Fanboys and girls only enjoyed about an hour of that before Deadline Hollywood Daily suddenly had a Captain America scoop: Krasinski was out of the running, as are Chace Crawford, Scott Porter, Michael Cassidy, and Patrick Flueger.

But there's two new possibilities in the mix. THR's Heat Vision says that one is Wilson Bethel of HBO's Generation Kill, a series still sitting in my queue, so I'm not familiar with him yet. Another exciting possibility being called up for a screen test is Chris Evans. He already has quite a few comic roles under his belt, most notably as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Going purely off Twitter, the geek community immediately perked up when his name came into play. Evans has clocked in some fine performances, but he never cracks that glass ceiling. Cap would be the role to do it in. He'd be a better pick than Krasinski. I can see Evans as a soldier struggling against his costume and USO restraints. In fact, I can see that really, really well.

Evans and Bethel face competition from Mike Vogel and Garrett Hedlund, who are still in the running. DHD and Heat Vision both note that Marvel they really like Hedlund (and you caught a glimpse of him in that Tron: Legacy trailer), but he hasn't tested yet. His reps reportedly balked at the 9 film contract and the low paycheck, but apparently not enough to take him out of talks.
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