I know it's considered "fun" to see has-been movie actors struggle through Z-grade horror flicks and painfully embarrassing reality shows, but here's where things get non-fun in a big hurry. Former child star Corey Haim, best known for films like The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, and License to Drive, died a few hours ago from an apparent drug overdose. (Haim had dealt with substance abuse and addiction for most of his adult life, I believe it's fair to say.)

So that's the long and the short of it, right? A cute kid star turned into a not-so-cute grown-up with a lot of problems and not all that much self-respect, and now he joins the drug-riddled stat sheet full of cautionary tales. End of story.

Only ... Corey Haim was born six days before I was. His was always a welcome face on the movie screen as I was growing up. He was funny and goofy and endearing. And then he vanished, partially because of drug problems, and probably (in large part) because he wasn't all that great of an actor. But you know what? He was a "bankable" little star for a few good years, but (as it often happens) Hollywood just spit the guy out and he became a C-list tabloid joke. Mostly because of his own doing, absolutely ... but it's still a sad story any way you slice it.

So make your Corey jokes and have a nice hoot, but when you're done with that, go rent a great little movie called Lucas, and then stop back here and tell me a Corey Haim joke if you still feel like it. I hope you won't.
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