Time probably stopped for Superman and DC fans when news broke that Christopher Nolan was going to oversee Warner Bros' Superman reboot, and that David S. Goyer would be penning a new Man of Steel story. (Possibly even titled Man of Steel.) As Nolan is one of those quiet chaps, there's been little word on what he and Goyer plan to do, but he's broken his silence and given an interview with Hero Complex.

Nolan remains tight-lipped on Goyer's idea, but revealed that it came about as they hit an impasse on Batman 3. "He basically told me, 'I have this thought about how you would approach Superman.' I immediately got it, loved it and thought: That is a way of approaching the story I've never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting. I wanted to get Emma [Thomas] and I involved in shepherding the project right away and getting it to the studio and getting it going in an exciting way." He wasn't willing to discuss villains (though he said Mr. Freeze won't be in it) or what time period it'll be set in, though he denied all the Man of Steel rumors currently circulating. There's a Superman reboot, and Goyer is writing the script. That's all he'll say, the tease.

Ok, not quite. Nolan quickly quashed any idea that a new Superman movie will lead to a Justice League spinoff. Superman will exist in his own world of Metropolis, and have no conception of a world where other superheroes exists. "A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that's what I know how to do .... Each [hero] serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other."
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