With this morning's news of Corey Haim's death, fans are no doubt recalling the films that made him so popular in the 1980s. Many of us grew up watching him as the short, skinny kid in films like the genuinely sweet band-geek/football drama 'Lucas' and Steven King's werewolf thriller, 'Silver Bullet.'

And no one can forget his pairings with that similarly-named teen heartthrob, Corey Feldman. The dynamic duo all started with one of the most era-defining films of the decade, 'The Lost Boys.' Working together in 'Dream a Little Dream,''License to Drive,' and continuing on well into the '90s (not to mention a somewhat notorious reality show), its this cinematic pairing that's probably his greatest legacy.

Relive the '80s and the remember the pop culture impact the Two Coreys had on an era through our roundup of the best quotes from Corey Haim's movies.