The other day Horror Squad's own Mike Bracken brought us an updated trailer, courtesy of Twitch, for the brutal-lookin' flick A Serbian Film. If you haven't watched the trailer yet, I highly suggest you do so. It's incredibly brutal, and incredibly not safe for work, what with all the blood, nudity, and rough sex involved. But what do you expect in a movie about a porn star whose return to porn has an added bonus of murder and mayhem?

A Serbian Film will be making an appearance at SXSW this month, but for those who unable to make it you'll have another chance only a few months later. Horror Squad just got word that Srdjan Spasojevic's debut flick will be screened with two other Serbian films as part of Fantasia Film Festival's 2010's"Subversive Serbia" block of programming this July in Montreal.

Shining a spotlight on "the blistering new wave of confrontational and edgy Serbian cinema," this series will also include the films The Life and Death of a Porno Gang, directed by Mladen Djordjevic, and Tears for Sale, which was co-written by Aleksandar Radivojevic, who also wrote A Serbian Film. Fantasia co-director Mitch David had this to say about the films:

"The voices emerging from the new wave of independent Serbian cinema are some of the rawest and most daring of any we've ever encountered" said Fantasia co-director Mitch Davis. "This is smart, confrontational filmmaking with astounding elements of shock, armed with the intelligence and the urgency to back it up. In particular, A Serbian Film and Porno Gang are, to my mind, the Clockwork Oranges of our generation. They push boundaries in ways that cinema rarely has the courage to do, and they're two of the most transgressive films I've ever seen. We can't wait to see them come to life in front of an audience here."
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