The Édith Piaf biopic La Vie en Rose omitted a significant part of the singer's history: life in Nazi-occupied France -- a time where Piaf was a regular performer at German forces social gatherings and many considered her to be a traitor. Later she would claim to be a member of the Resistance, but she would always be suspect.

Screenwriter and cartoonist Joann Sfar is following suit with his directorial debut, Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque), about the life of legendary French singer-songwriter, actor and director, Serge Gainsbourg. The film made its French premiere in January and stars Eric Elmosnino as the chanteur -- following his beginnings in Nazi-occupied Paris, through his song-writing career in the 60's, to his death in 1991. Early reviews for the film have indicated that Sfar may have glossed over the turbulent 80's -- a darker period in Gainsbourg's life where he grew more aloof, alcoholic and his charming bad-boy behavior became a lot less tolerable for many.

While Sfar has indicated his film is not intended to be a straightforward biopic: "It's not the truth about Gainsbourg that interests me, but his lies," the director has said -- it seems odd that he would make a film about such a prominent figure and neglect to even touch upon this part of his life. Gainsbourg was a brilliant, complex and influential artist, and these controversial moments were part of what made him such a beautiful and tragic figure.

After the jump, check out seven memorable moments in the musician's provocative life that may or may not be included in Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque), but will be sure to entertain nonetheless. If you know anything about Gainsbourg, then you can probably guess that some of these videos may be NSFW.