Being an artist, I've never felt compelled to settle down in my studio and draft a portrait of James Spader or Emilio Estevez (why the heck weren't they at the Hughes Oscar tribute? They weren't busy.), but those people do exist. Every now and then I'll run across something totally nerdy and unique that catches my eye, but for me celebrity fan art for the most part tends to be pretty bizarre. Ok, awful.

Given the audience for films like Twilight (no, not the cougar demographic) I can understand the rash of horrible, misshapen sketches of Bella and Edward that are gracing the pages of notebooks across the world -- but what about guys like David Nordahl who made a career for himself creating thousands of drawings and a dozen or so paintings for Michael Jackson, ... is this kind of art any better than a Twilight fan's Jacob drawing? Sure, there is a skill and a craft to be admired vs. a simple scribble, but what constitutes "good" fan art anyway? Is it like obscene material, where "I'll know it when I see it?" (art like obscenity is nearly impossible to define) or is there something specific that transforms a fan's lovingly crafted portrait of their idol into a work for the ages? Not all people who make fan art consider themselves artists and many don't care about such questions, so is that why good fan art seems like a myth?

Confess! Do you make or collect celebrity fan art and why? What is some of the best/worst celebrity fan art that you have come across?

[Image: Edward Cullen and His Diet by Valerie Ornstein]
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