Like most of us geek folk, I've always harbored an intense crush on the dashing archeologist-adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr., played famously on the silver screen by the dashing Harrison Ford. Through Indiana Jones's three classic major motion pictures, I lusted after (and envied) the scruffy, rough-and-tumble hero (not so much in the lame 2008 sequel, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as he adventured to exotic locales, rescued Indian slave children, slept with hot Nazi women, and cracked his whip all over the globe. But manly and heroic as the adult Indy was, his younger self made my young pulse race in an entirely different way. And so, this week's Movie Crush is dedicated not to the hunky Harrison Ford but to his blue-eyed teen counterpart: Sean Patrick Flanery.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," conceived by creator George Lucas as a companion series aimed at younger Indy fans, ran from 1992-1996 on ABC and the USA network as both standalone episodes and repackaged two-hour films. Prequel adventures told the back story of the future adventurer Indiana Jones, whose early 20th century exploits brought the character into contact with historical figures like T.E. Lawrence, Al Capone, Winston Churchhill, Franz Kafka, and Mata Hari. Twelve-year-old actor Corey Carrier split episodes with the then 27-year-old Flanery as the child and teen Indys, respectively, but I challenge anyone who watched the show to remember Carrier as the definitive young Indiana Jones. It was Flanery all the way.
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