As Scott Weinberg shared this morning, Corey Haim died last night from an apparent accidental overdose. He was 38.

This was, of course, no shock. The actor had been struggling with drugs for most of his life, having told the media that it all started when he smoked his first joint while working on The Lost Boys twenty-three years ago. Haim hit it big, fell into B-movie hell, spent all his cash on drugs, and then struggled to fight his way out of addiction and financial turmoil. Unfortunately, reuniting with buddy Corey Feldman in the last handful of years and allowing his life to become reality show fodder wasn't the best move, branding him as a desperate and emotionally tarnished actor past his prime.

But it wasn't always that way. Like Scott, Haim held a special place in my heart. He was the one young actor I followed beyond a project or two, although it's only now that I realized how short of a span it was -- Lucas, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Watchers, Dream a Little Dream, and Prayer of the Rollerboys getting released in just four years. But Hollywood moved a lot more slowly back then, and I had a lot of time to relish in Haim appreciation. When a friend gifted me with a 2-inch thick binder full of Haim pictures, I wallpapered part of my bedroom with them, his spark camouflaging some truly dark and dreary '70s wallpaper. It was that same spark that made me follow my favorite Corey until he drowned into struggling obscurity through the '90s.
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