Is Quentin Tarantino seriously getting into the documentary business, or is it just a coincidence that this is my second post in two days linking the Inglourious Basterds director to a non-fiction project? Unfortunately, it's just a coincidence, as QT has even less to do with Louie Psihoyos's next project than he does with a potential doc profiling Harvey Weinstein. Rather, it's Tarantino's longtime producing partner Lawrence Bender who may be collaborating with the director of The Cove, according to Showbiz 411 blogger Roger Friedman.

Psihoyos, who won an Oscar Sunday night (along with mic hog Fisher Stevens) for his work on the arousing doc about dolphin captivity and slaughter, has already selected his next subject: endangered species. As in more generally than just marine mammals, the filmmaker will reportedly "follow the list of extinct-prone animals and organisms, and the battles to save them." The environmentalism angle fits well with Bender, actually. Among the docs he's produced is the Al Gore global warming warning An Inconvenient Truth.
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