Gordon Gekko's release from prison has been delayed. He was all set to hit the bright lights of Manhattan once again on April 23, showing the young Shia LaBeouf a thing or two about greed and piles of pretty cash. But The Hollywood Reporter posts that the film will no longer be released next month, or even over the summer for that matter. Fox is bumping the Wall Street sequel until the fall -- September 24, to be exact.

What's prompted the studio to push Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps five months? Personally, I wonder if they're hoping to give the film a flashy TIFF premiere and use it as a kick off to awards season -- making it a film relatively fresh on voters' minds when the Academy starts looking towards next year's Oscars. Pretty much all the big films that hit screens in September and October get screened during the Toronto festival these days (or Venice), and I can't see an Oliver Stone film not hitting one of the fest's ritzy gala openings.

Does this bode well for the film? Think what you will about Shia LaBeouf (who, I must say, offered a surprising performance in New York, I Love You), but this puppy has got a lot of star power extending beyond the questionable star. There is, of course, Michael Douglas, but also Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, and recent Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan. If the trailer and cast are any indication, we might just have a worthy sequel on our hands.
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