I love that the Ronald D. Moore Battlestar Galactica just keeps on trucking, in one form or another. Whether it's merchandise or the TV spin-off Caprica, it's good to know that there are fans out there hungry enough to keep it alive in some form.

Game developer Bigpoint is working on a free, broswer-based massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) set to debut in Fall 2010. According to The L.A. Times, the new Battlestar Galactica game will feature space combat, along with exploratory missions. Instead of a monthly fee, the game will generate revenue by selling special equipment and game add-ons -- a practice that's been quite successful with games like MapleStory and Flyff.

I think we're long overdue for a Battlestar Galactica game that forces users into sticky moral predicaments, with no clear black or white answer. It's one of the elements of the show that made it such a compelling television show, and it's something that the generic space shooters that have worn the Galactica brand name just can't deliver on. Maybe this game can find a way to work some of that moral ambiguity in?
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