I really want to see Green Zone. Not because I'm dying to see Matt Damon go all Jason Bourne on some WMDs (though I am), but because I have a huge soft spot for movies about employees who go off task. I'm not talking about the simple movies that feature employees having fun at work (here's looking at you, Empire Records), I'm talking about movies that feature employees going totally rogue, sticking it to the man and so forth.

Why do I love movies like this? I don't know, really. I've got no complaints about any of the jobs I've ever held, so it's not as though I have contempt for the workplace establishment. I've always had a great relationship with my bosses, so I'm not out to see the big man up top get shafted in the end. I guess I just like to see employees having fun, be it by shooting terrorists in the face or giving the metaphorical finger to their corporate overlords. Considering I could have filled this list 3 times over with the roster I jotted down, I'm not the only one. But these are indeed my favorite employee cutups.
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