Did that sleek-as-hell Tron: Legacy trailer leave you with the aching desire to leave this world behind and journey through a dangerous cyber universe with Jeff Bridges? Well, Disney's giving you your chance ... kind of. As part of their marketing push for the upcoming 3D film extravaganza, Disney's theme parks are transforming their monorails into slick, Tron-advertised trains adorned with Light-Cycles zooming from one end of the monorail to the other. (Click the last link for larger pictures.)

They're not so much making the monorails look like machines zipping about the blue world, but rather super-long advertisements much like the buses and transportation that get slapped with big advertising stickers. It's not much, but it makes sense -- this is the easiest way to morph Disney's transit, and it's not like they're going to paint all of the tracks the appropriate glowing blue to match, or let their patrons zoom around on speedy bikes suspended high above the ground.

We can only hope a wilder version will come with the original Tron ride, rumored to be in the works. Ah, can you imagine it? Hop on your own Light-Cycle, zoom your way through a glowing cyber world? This is only the beginning, folks.

How else would you like to see Tron pop up at Disney?

[via Geek Tyrant]
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