I thank them for taking on the task, but I do not envy Syfy one iota in regards to making a Sharktopus movie. We're not talking Star Trek canon here, we're not talking about turning Starbuck from a guy to a girl; we're talking about the abominable, perversion of nature that is a shark combined with an octopus. If they don't get every detail of this holy grail of monster mashups correct, I am going to write a very strongly worded Tweet about it all.

First the debate was over how many mouths the God on Earth should have, but now that that is presumably settled, the network has moved onto deciding who should slay the mighty foe. I can only assume the search has been long and tireless, but it looks like they've finally settled on their hero of the 9pm Saturday hour and if you guessed it would be Eric Roberts, you are correct. You're also capable of reading, since I put it right up there in the title.

Snark aside, I'm glad they settled on Roberts over one of the lesser Baldwins (Sharks in Venice is still a sore subject for me). He's been in a string of straight-to-video projects lately, but my hatred for The Chaos Experiment is still not enough to make me forget about his recent roles in The Dark Knight, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Phat Girlz (okay, so I can't turn off the snark when talking Syfy). Roberts will be playing the mad scientist who gives metaphorical (I assume) birth to the Sharktopus, which means he'll now be going head-to-head with Jeffrey Combs (for Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy) for the Best Character Actor Who Becomes a Victim of His Own Diabolical Plan to Genetically Engineer Sharks award I just invented.
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