In preparation for SyFy's world premiere of Dinoshark (airing Saturday at 9 EST/8 CST) The Horror Squad staff decided to take a look back at some of the other "killer shark" movies clogging up video store shelves and NetFlix queues across the globe. Here's my contribution, a piece examing the Jorgo Papavassiliou's Shark Attack in the Mediterranean.

Ever since Steven Spielberg's Jaws made people think twice about taking a dip in the ocean, filmmakers have been trying to jump on the killer shark movie bandwagon. Most of the attempts have been pretty dire-although I'll admit to enjoying them on a trash cinema level. Occasionally, though, a film comes along that is so out there that it transcends being trash cinema and becomes something almost sublime. Jorgo Papavassiliou's Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (also known as Shark Attack in Mallorca and several other titles) is just such a movie.

Ralf Moeller stars in this tale of man vs. Megalodon as a former competitive swimmer-"the rough kind" as one line of dialogue points out-who's given up the water for piloting a helicopter after his wife was devoured by a large shark. Naturally, this gigantic prehistoric shark (Megalodon-ancestor of the modern Great White) is once again using the local waters as a feeding ground. Add in a ton of sublplots about a cop's wife with cancer, shark researchers (ooh-could they be the bad guys?), and Ralf's daughter's jet-ski racing career and you've got a film-or something that sort of approximates a film in that it was shot with cameras and attempts to tell a story.
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