If you managed to catch Corey Feldman on Larry King last night, you heard Feldman announce the news that at the time of Corey Haim's death, the two friends were working on a follow-up to the 1988 teen comedy License to Drive. According to Feldman, they had just met up about the sequel, License to Fly, and planned on turning it into a possible trilogy with a third film called License to Dive. Both men were going to be heavily involved in all facets of production; from producing to writing to co-starring together for the first time in years.

Feldman, with his weird piece of hair hanging down over his face, definitely seemed to be playing it up and enjoying some time back in the spotlight. Look, I'm sure he's upset about his friend, but Corey Feldman was never one to turn down an opportunity to get his face back out there. One thing that upset me, though (aside from the fact that we'll never get to see License to Fly and License to Dive .. ahem), is that Feldman actually had the nerve to blame all of us for not taking care of Corey Haim when he needed help. No, Haim shouldn't be responsible for his own actions -- instead, Feldman was upset that none of the people who were pouring nostalgic love on Haim following his death seemed to be there for the man right before his death, when he was living with his mother in an apartment with not a dollar to his name.
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