"People are for loving not for eating," says Ben O'Mara's horror-comedy short, Primal Urges -- a smart play on the well worn zombie trope that flips conventional ideas about the masculine and feminine and toys with the insecurities of its lead characters. O'Mara is a writer and academic in addition to making award-winning films, which have been screened at festivals across Australia. You can check out some of O'Mara's other work on his website.

Jeremy Lanni's Tell-Tale Art boasts a dark soundtrack, which is reminiscent of all the Italo-horror flicks I'm lusty for. I guess it helps that guitarist Dick Wagner of Lou Reed and Alice Cooper fame wrote the score. Lanni describes the film as "a surreal black comedy inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's classic story The Tell-Tale Heart." You'll see why after you watch it, genius. Find out more about Lanni and his other films on his website.

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