The pot-heavy world of the stoner comedy seems to be making a slow comeback. We've seen Anna Faris go on a stoned money quest. We've seen Seth Rogen and James Franco get mixed up in business between drug lords and cops. And now Jason Segel is getting in on the bud.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Segel is going to star in a new stoner comedy called Jeff Who Lives at Home with The Hangover'sEd Helms. The latest laugh fest from the mumblecoring Duplass Brothers (Jay and Mark of the new Cyrus), the film will focus on "a day in the life of two brothers." Segel is the slacker loser bro, while Helms is the overbearing success. Judy Greer is circling the role of Helms' wife (please take it, Judy!), and the Brothers are currently looking for the matriarch who allows slacker boy to live at home.

Could the casting be any more perfect? Segel's got the slacker comedy angle down pat, along with the requisite stoner snacker look. Greer is wonderful when not wasting her talents on fare like Marmaduke, so let's hope she signs on. Helms, well, when he finally got his starring gig (Hangover), the flick did pretty darn well.

Now it's all a matter of who birthed both Segel and Helms. I say Susan Sullivan or Jessica Walter. How about you?
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