I panicked when I saw the Variety headline: "Warners Plans Pic Based on Da Vinci." Because honestly, if a studio announced a remake of The Da Vinci Code, would you be that surprised? It's been almost four years, after all.

Thankfully, it's not that. But we are getting a movie about a Leonardo Da Vinci who uses his inventions (presumably including his famous flying machine designs) to defeat supernatural enemies. (Wait a second -- supernatural enemies? For one of history's most famous scientists? This is like when they made a Scooby Doo movie with actual ghosts and monsters.) This is the sort of absolutely terrible-sounding idea that could make Warner Bros. a ton of money -- sort of the way turning Sherlock Holmes into an action hero worked out for Universal. Which, I must confess, didn't turn out too badly for the rest of us either, since the movie worked pretty darn well as a Christmas blockbuster despite the heresy. The fact that Da Vinci is coming from the dude who brought usHitman is somewhat less heartening, but whatever.

This all makes perfect sense amid our recent fascination with antiquity, from Dan Brown to the National Treasures, to -- yes -- Sherlock Holmes which, despite its various modern stylings, was still very much set in 19th Century London. And this sort of "alternate history" conceit isn't anything new either. The question is whether Warners can do anything interesting with it, or if they'll get stuck on Leonardo Da Vinci + gadgets. And also who'll play the bearded one. Anthony Hopkins? Michael Gambon? Wait -- next thing you'll be telling me that this will be about a young, hip Leonardo Da Vinci. Which will probably be too much even for me.
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