Buried, actor Ryan Reynolds' latest feature film, debuted at Sundance back in January. Early response seems to have been largely positive, with one reviewer claiming it's "an ingenious exercise in sustained tension that would make Alfred Hitchcock turn over in his grave." That may be slightly hyperbolic, but the film has gotten good marks over at RottenTomatoes.

The film was clearly impressive enough that Lionsgate snatched it up for distribution during its festival run--and now they've announced their release plans for Rodrigo Cortes' film. Mark your calendars for September 24th--because that's the day the film gets its official theatrical release.

Buried finds Reynolds playing a US contractor in Iraq. He awakens to find himself buried in a coffin with only a cellphone and a flashlight to keep him company. What follows is a race against time to escape his sandy tomb before his air supply runs out.

The film does appear to be a little more "thriller" than out and out "horror", but a tale featuring a guy buried alive in the vastness of the desert still sounds pretty horrific to me.

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