When the initial trailer for Ridley Scott'sRobin Hoodhit, the general consensus was a mild disappointment because it seemed to be a medieval Gladiator. The second trailer has gone live on Yahoo! Movies, and now Robin Hood looks a lot more ... traditional. In fact, it's so traditional that I'm dying to see if any of Scott's "The villain is France and the Norman Invasion" talk pays off. The traditional Robin Hood legend is usually that he is a Saxon who refuses to pay homage to his Norman overlords. (In really old versions of the story, he really is just a scamp of an outlaw who likes making trouble.) Over time, that became revamped into a version where he was a supporter of King Richard, upholding his rightful rule against Prince John. That's the story most people know thanks to Disney and Kevin Costner.

Scott seems to be returning the story into that of Saxons versus Normans. (Richard the Lionheart and John were as French as can be. England wasn't that thrilled that the House of Anjou had showed up to take over.) But it also seems to be the story of the barons standing up against King John and demanding their rights. Will we see him sign the Magna Carta? Should that be a spoiler alert? Oh well.

Anyway, I'm excited and a lot more impressed by the scope of this trailer, which has a lot of action, a lot of eye-catching actors, and a lot of heart. I'm in love with Cate Blanchett's sword-swinging Marion. An anachronism? Maybe. But this is the era in which women were still causing marital havoc (Empress Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine) so perhaps she's the last of a fierce breed. Besides, who can resist seeing Russell Crowe cowed by a girl?

The trailer is below, thanks to Yahoo! What do you think? Does it interest you now? Does it give too much away?