Quirk books really knows how to reel in impulse buyers. First they managed to lure in those who couldn't resist the concept of Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (and really, who can reset corsets and sabres versus legions of the undead?) and now it looks like they're trying to go after anyone susceptible to the idea of crossing over the Star Trek universe with the brain-loving zombies horror fans have known and loved for years.

The title is, of course, Night of the Living Trekkies and the seven word pitch is quite simply, "Galaxy Quest meets Dawn of the Dead". No, writer Kevin David Anderson (is it a law at Quirk books that their writers must have three part names?) is not literally combining the great Galaxy Quest with the world of George Romero, though I think we can all agree that that would indeed be awesome. No, NOTLT is about what happens when a rampant bout of zombism starts chewing its way through a Star Trek convention, leaving the normally meek attendants as ad hoc heroes.

There is no publishing date available yet, but hopefully we'll be reading the lines "Set phasers to headshot!" sooner rather than later.

[Photo via aloalosabine on Flickr.]
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