The comedy that's vying to knock 'Alice in Wonderland' off it's box office pedestal, 'Our Family Wedding' centers on Lucia (played by America Ferrera), a would-be bride trying to get married over the objections of everyone except the groom. Call it 'Lucia in Crazyland.'

Lucia's Mexican-American family and her fiancé's African-American family experience a cultural wedding crash. And yet some of the movie's catastrophes are familiar to everyone: overbearing fathers, nutty grandmas and wayward farm animals (okay, maybe not that last one).

Weddings have been the centerpiece of some of the best romantic comedies. 'My Best Friend's Wedding' struck the right balance between the hokey and the pokey. In 'Our Family Wedding's' favor is a promising cast. Director and co-writer Rick Famuyiwa has a knack for great ensembles -- 2002's 'Brown Sugar' was graced with a must-see line-up: Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Mos Def and Queen Latifa. For 'Wedding,' Famuyiwa nabbed an intriguing and eclectic group of actors, including Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker and Ferrera (who has won awards for her film work in addition to her 'Ugly Betty' antics). Joining them are 'Southland's' Regina King, beloved character actress Lupe Ontiveros ('Chuck & Buck') and comic Charlie Murphy ('Chappelle's Show.')

What kind of reception did 'Wedding' get? Let's take a look.
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