There was at one point talk of a remake of The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Seth Gordon, who directed the documentary, was going to helm the redo, which would turn his non-fiction cult hit into a dramatized feature scripted by Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Plans for that have -- thankfully -- been put aside, at least temporarily, while Gordon tackles other fiction and non-fiction projects, such as Four Christmasesand the upcoming anthology documentary Freakonomics, as well as a ton of in-development stuff he's been attached to in the past three years. Well, I'd like Gordon to put down whatever he's doing and return to the subject of Donkey Kong records for a film that's part sequel, part remake: The King of Kong Too: For a Few Quarters More.

Here's why: the NY Daily News reported yesterday that Dr. Hank Chien, a 35-year-old plastic surgeon from Queens, has become the new King of Kong. He broke the arcade game record a few weeks ago during one of the city's snowstorms, and last Friday the Twin Galaxies board of referees confirmed he'd broken the world record. Like Tom Ganjamie at Best Week Ever, I'm a bit disappointed that original King of Kong protagonist Steve Wiebe didn't finally take the record, but just knowing the film's baddie Billy Mitchell has gone down is pretty cool. But even cooler will be the documentary that follows Mitchell's attempt to again take back his throne (he previously did such following the event of the first film), this time from Chien, in a sort of Empire Strikes Backmeets Joysticks. Well, actually just Empire Strikes Back meets The King of Kong.

Gordon, get yourself to Hollywood, Florida. And this time, show us how evil Mitchellreally is.
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