Spoilers. Put them behind a jump, add a warning in bright red 2000-style blinking HTML, make the text the same color as the background so the reader has to highlight it to read it... Do whatever you want, but there will always be someone who accidentally reads a spoiler (or, in my case, simply can't resist them). Publicists, stars, the director, the writer, and most everyone associated with the film works very hard to prevent these sorts of slips (or "slips"), and I don't blame them.*

For every person who guessed the big reveal in the first five minutes and sits numbed by boredom for the rest of the time, there are people for whom the film works as intended and leaves them gobsmacked and eager to re-watch the movie to catch all the little hints they missed. Or sometimes it's just cool to know ahead of time, like with a certain book adaptation that's in theaters now - I'd read the book, and I was interested to see the movie to catch those little winks as it went along.

Sometimes it's impossible to interview a star or review a movie without discussing a dramatic twist in the film; it adds an extra dimension that deserves examination and discussion with the folks who pulled it off, whether through a challenging performance, an excellent script, or superior directing. But sometimes, what would be called a spoiler is the real reason why a movie doesn't work at all. Sometimes it's just so damn, well, damning that it ruins the movie, and that makes reviewing it while remaining respectful of the movie's integrity, if you will, almost impossible. I'm not talking about giving away a movie's ending just for sh*ts and giggles, mind you, but the service of examining the movie and why it does or doesn't work, especially when such a development is truly galling and makes a semi-decent movie fail.

So the question I pose to you, fellow movie-lovers, is how you feel when you read reviews, Tweets, or blog posts that give away a big plot twist or ending, even after the movie has been released. Do you still go and see the movie afterward, or is it totally ruined for you? Is there an expiration date on spoilers? Vent in the comments.
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