Away We Go
. The Hangover. Up in the Air. Jennifer's Body. Whip It. Gentlemen Broncos. Fantastic Mr. Fox
. What do these 2009 films have in common? Randall Poster.

Poster, for folks who don't pore over the below-the-line folks who are as much if not more responsible for the artistry that goes into the films we watch and love, is a music supervisor. The producer and developer of the musical backdrops, if not backbones, of countless films over the past two decades, he's responsible for pairing some of the movies' most indelible images with its most unforgettable songs, from Kids to Rushmore to School of Rockto virtually any scene in the above films in which music is played. He's worked with Wes Anderson and Todd Haynes; Harmony Korine and Martin Scorsese; Todd Phillips and David Fincher.

Two of Poster's most acclaimed films from last year arrive on DVD and Blu-ray this month: Up in the Air debuted March 9, while Fantastic Mr. Fox is being released March 23. Cinematical was lucky enough to speak to Poster earlier this year when the native New Yorker was visiting Los Angeles for work. In addition to talking about his collaborations with directors Jason Reitman and Wes Anderson on these two particular projects, Poster discussed the process of cultivating long-term relationships with various filmmakers, and reflected upon the work – and the way of working - that he's found most satisfying during the course of his accomplished and remarkably eclectic career.

Cinematical: Just to get started, how did you get started as a music supervisor and what's involved in it as a job?