What? A 10-second clip wasn't enough? You guys are insatiable. Okay then, would one minute and thirty seconds of all-out romance appease you? Get ready Twi-hards, the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is hanging out after the jump, full of teen angst lust, messy romantic love triangles, and just the faintest aroma of danger in the air.

Edward (Robert Pattinson) promises to love Bella (Kristen Stewart) for every moment, forever. Of course, it's just not that easy. He's a vampire and she's human ... unless he changes her. But their differing DNA, and his extreme reluctance, isn't all that challenges the couple. There's Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the hairy wolf (curiously clothed in most of the trailer), fighting for her love and the chance to keep her human. The Volturi, who are none too pleased with the discovery that Bella is still free from the bloodlust. "The Volturi don't give second chances," Dakota Fanning's Jane warns. And finally, there's Victoria (now played by Bryce Dallas Howard), who is hell-bent on revenge whilst jumping through the pine-filled forest.

There's only so much a first trailer can show, but Summit has well outlined the lovey dovey aspects, and it looks like Bella's trip South made it to the cut as well. So, Twihards, when you're done YouTubbing your tear-filled reactions to the trailer, comment with your thoughts on David Slade's slant on the people of Forks. How's it look so far?