As further proof that nothing's ever dead in Hollywood, Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media has signed on to co-finance an untitled sketch comedy film so old that it was once killed by Tipper Gore. Kavanaugh stepped in after Overture recently lost the project, and will be producing with comic buddy Charles Wessler, Pete Farrelly and GreeneStreet Films' John Penotti. Tim Williams and Tucker Tooley will executive produce. Wessler's project was ditched by Paramount ages ago after old Tipper said it wasn't family friendly -- 17 directors and 15 actors later here we are.

So far Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler, Banks, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Emma Stone, Matt Walsh, Tony Shalhoub, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kieran Culkin, Chloe Moretz, and Patrick Warburton have signed on to the project which is being shot on the fly with a variety of directors. Pete Farrelly, Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, Bob Odenkirk and Griffin Dunne have directed segments so far and Relativity has confirmed they are still gathering more names to throw into the pot. Shooting is expected to wrap up in May.

Is there still an audience for thematically-connected sketch comedy film in a world of Date Movies or has its time passed? Will the punchline be Brett Ratner's involvement?

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