If you head to the theater to check out the German film Last Call and hear someone talking on their cell phone, don't stab them in the neck with a meat thermometer -- they're just using a new software that the action and suspense channel, 13th Street, devised to make your horror movie experience more interactive.

Last Call will allow you to interact with the protagonist via your cell phone by way of a language recognition software. The movie's main actress frantically calls you for help (numbers are chosen at random after participating audience members submit their number to a speed dial code) and instead of screaming obscenities at the screen, you can actually interact with the character and tell her what to do ("Go left," "Keep going," etc.). This means that every film's outcome will be different -- how neat.

The trailer after the jump explains things in further detail. So, what do you make of this whole gimmick -- annoying or fun? I'm curious how many possible outcomes there are for this thing and what yuk yuk's people will try to elicit from the interaction: "Get me a beer," and "Let's make out," seem like possibilities with the right kind of crowd.
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