It's been a long road for David Fincher and his passion project, Heavy Metal. News started rumbling two years ago, and things were moving well with Paramount until the studio got iffy. First, there were reports that the subject matter was too racy for Paramount, and then rumors that the battle was all about disagreements over The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Undaunted by studio pressure, Fincher took the anthology out of the studio and grabbed names like Zack Snyder and Gore Verbinski to helm segments back in November of 2008. Then things went silent for a while until last summer, when news of Snyder and Verbinski hit again, with James Cameron adding his name to the directorial ring.

While word on the Heavy Metal front has been quiet since, Deadline Hollywood now reports that Fincher is once again looking for a financier and distributor. And -- no shock considering Cameron's involvement -- the whole thing will be done in 3-D animation. However, I wouldn't get so comfy over the directors quite yet. These names have been circling for years now, and I'm sure it'll all come down to availability, which might get tricky as they line other gigs up.

This latest incarnation "will consist of eight or nine individual animated segments, each by a different director, all of them infused with the spirit of the erotic and violent storylines that defined the magazine." That is, if it ever gets some money behind it. With Fincher, Verbinski, Snyder, and Cameron already interested, that's only half the segments. Who else would you like to see helm a segment?
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