Dinosharkisn't SyFy's only "killer mutant shark running amok" movie planned for this year. No, when you've got a concept as full of win as that one, you milk it for all it's worth. If the idea of a killer prehistoric dinosaur shark doesn't get you excited, then perhaps the idea of a shark merged with an octopus will...

Roger Corman (and his brand new honorary Oscar) will produce Sharktopus--which is a very descriptive title and should let anyone who reads it know what they're in for. Declan O'Brien is directing (he also helmed the awful Wrong Turn 3) and news has now emerged (thanks to Uncle Creepy and the Dread Central gang) that Eric Roberts has been cast in the lead role. Yes, Eric Roberts, Oscar winner for Runaway Train will be going mano y Sharktopus with the titular creature. Between Roberts and Corman, this is probably the most Oscar winners to ever work on a SyFy channel movie.

The actor will play a research scientist who creates a top secret weapon--the Sharktopus--to combat pirates. The beast is controlled by some sort of electrical implants. If you guessed they somehow stop working and Sharktopus winds up rampaging near a beach, you too could be a screenwriter.

Early word is that we'll see Sharktopus on SyFy sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can catch Dinoshark on Saturday night at 9 EST/8 CST.
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