Ever wonder what a romance would be like if Love Letters and Before Sunset came together for the story of two people connecting once a year over a couple decades? Brit author David Nicholls explored that topic with his novelOne Day, and Coming Soon has learned that this will be Lone Scherfig's next feature. Yes, the great eye behind An Education is gearing up for another new twist on romance, and this time Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess are along for the ride. Producer Nina Jacobson says it will start production this summer in London, and that the leads' details are being sorted out right now.

As the Guardian review explains, the story focuses on Emma and Dexter, who meet on July 15, 1988 (St. Swithin's Day), have a one night stand, and then proceed to see each other only one day a year -- every July 15. Emma is the girl in love with the free-spirited, bed-hopping Dexter, and struggles to deal with her feelings while he revels in all things hedonistic. Of course, as with life, the tide turns as her life improves and his falls apart. But remember -- this all plays out one day a year, in what the review called: "a very persuasive and endearing account of a close friendship ... the flirting and the banter that sometimes hide resentment and sometimes yearning, the way the relationship shifts and evolves as the years pass."

Being an all-out sucker for good banter and romantic realism, I'm in. But the true ringer is a retro story -- 1988-2008 -- done Scherfig style. If this is even a half as good as An Education, it'll be something to keep an eye on. And, thank god, something to keep Anne Hathaway temporarily away from the fluff romcom crap she always signs up for.
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