The extended trailer for Full Moon Direct's Puppet Master: Axis of Evil is available after the jump and features some wicked little puppets, a few Nazis and Geisha saboteur -- huzzah! The film is directed by Puppet Master veteran David DeCoteau, with a script by August White (my favorite title of his is Evil Bong, though I've never seen the movie) and stars newbie Levi Fiehler.

The setting for evil puppet shenanigans takes place in a Stateside hotel during World War II, where young Danny Coogan dreams of joining the war effort. After a hotel guest is murdered by a few pesky Nazi assassins, Danny discovers the victims crate of puppets and then stuff gets really real. Nazis Max and Klaus (of course those are their names) and a Japanese saboteur (I'm assuming she's the Geisha from the trailer) plan to attack an American manufacturing plant and now it's up to Danny and his gaggle of blood-thirsty puppets to stop the AXIS OF EVIL!

Check out the trailer after the jump. Looks like Blade, Tunneler and Leech Woman are back!
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