Here's a confession appropriate for #fessupfriday: I've never seen the original 1968 Planet of the Apes nor any of its sequels. But I have seen Tim Burton's remake -- well, not the twenty or so minutes I dozed off through -- and personally, my favorite part was the end. Can I ruin it? Alex Trebek did so the other day in a Jeopardy category devoted to movie spoilers, so I figure readers of this site won't mind, especially since it's not a film considered worth seeing anyway. But just in case you don't want to know the twist ending, don't read any further.

Now I know, thanks to Elisabeth's post, that a PotA prequel is moving forward. And the idea behind it sounds great. But what I really want more of is that alternate world in which Abraham Lincoln was an ape (probably named Ape-raham Link-oln -- you know, because they're the missing link) yet still had the same kind of memorial in his honor in an ape-man-populated version of Washingon, D.C. I'm guilty of loving silly crap like this. I love The Flintstones (and similarly, Dinosaurs) and Howard the Duckfor the punny parallels. And I'll watch any movies that are just basically like feature length episodes of Sliders (I guess that means I should finally see the original PotC films).

As usual, I'm probably in the minority here. But also as usual, this pitch is merely a prompt for you to sound off on how you'd like the franchise to go. I'd especially like to hear from those who, unlike me, are familiar with the damn dirty apes. And if anyone wants to humor me with gags for my idea for the franchise (the current president is their world is Barack Bonobama...his Secretary of State is Hillary Chimpton...), that's fine, too.
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