Our Family Wedding is a ham-handed mixture of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and Father of the Bride that tries to humorously address the uncomfortable and often unacknowledged racism between African-Americans and Latinos, but it lacks the depth or character development necessary to offer more insight than "no hablo ingles" and parole jokes.

The premise is simple: America Ferrera plays a beautiful, smart, and likeable young Latina named Lucia who has dropped out of law school so she can marry her handsome, smart, likeable African-American boyfriend, Marcus (Lance Gross). They plan to move to Laos where he will work for Doctors Without Borders. Of course, none of this sits well with her overprotective father, Miguel (the abysmal comedian Carlos Mencia, who seems to be mellowed out on Valium here, thankfully), or with his marriage-phobic single dad, Brad (Forest Whitaker). Lucia's mom doesn't seem to have much say in the matter, either way.