You may have heard that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are teaming up for a new body-switching comedy called The Change-Up. Variety reports that the flick will focus on the family man (Bateman) who changes bodies with "his best friend, a lazy man-child (Reynolds)." That's always the way it goes, isn't it? If not an adult and kid, it must be a mature adult and a man-child.

Naturally, the whole body-switching theme got me reminiscing about my favorite switch. Freaky Friday. No, I'm not referring to the La Lohan/Curtis switch that happened back in 2003. Sheesh. I'm talking about the much preferable original from 1976, the one that saw Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris switching bodies.

What I especially love about the film is Foster's performance. Re-watching it again, all these years after my youth, Annabel Andrews is still insanely familiar, like the old friend who you never forget, no matter how many years have gone by. (And that's not just because she was lucky enough to have John Astin as a dad.)

Seeing that it's Friday, and we've got a new body-switching caper on the way, hit the jump and enjoy yourself a little Freaky Friday switcheroo before the weekend.