Sebastian Gutierrez's Women In Trouble was one of the pleasant surprises at last year's South by Southwest Film Festival. Gutierrez is back in Austin along with much of the cast in 2010, for his follow-up which continues the comic struggles of the titular porn star, Elektra Luxx, portrayed by Carla Gugino, and he is giving Cinematical a little taste of what we can look forward to.

The original film and the tentatively titled third film, Women In Ecstasy, are of the plural sort. Why the shift in the middle to highlight the one character?

I really like the idea of grabbing a character from one film and being able to expand upon it somewhere else. It's something novelists are allowed to do, but filmmakers hardly ever get the chance. I often watch films and see a minor character in it that I think, 'wow it'd be cool if we could follow this person's story.' Often, I'm more interested in that notion than where that particular movie is headed. And without giving too much away, there is direct reason why the third one is titled "Women In Ecstasy" after seeing what Elektra goes through in this one.