Once again, you've got to hand it to most of the Twilight stars. Taylor Lautner might be doing everything he can to become the next Tom Cruise (without the couch hopping, we hope), but the rest are filling their non-Twilight time with a whole range of indie projects -- and Jackson Rathbone's is surely the most challenging to date. Variety reports that he will star in an indie drama called Truckstop with Jennifer Lawrence.

Written by Tony Aloupis (with revisions by Steve Grabowsky and director Rotimi Rainwater), the indie focuses on a man with cerebral palsy who works at a truck stop while caring for his dying father. There, he befriends "a troubled young prostitute," because in the land of movies, almost any woman, especially one at a truck stop, has to be a prostitute.

The use of the tired cliche aside, I'm eager to see what Rathbone can make of the role -- especially since his first two Twilight forays only allowed him to be jaw-clenched and nervous. And let's hope he's bending the ear of New Moon co-star Michael Sheen, since the actor was simply excellent as Art Honeyman (a man with cerebral palsy) in Music Within.

The film will jump into production this September.
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