Many movie buffs love to complain about the Oscars, me more so than anyone else, but I have to admit something. If you break down the awards decade by decade, from the 1930s to the "noughties," the Best Director category shaped up to be the best one, ever, over these past ten years. Let's take a look.

The 1930s: Frank Borzage won, but for one of his less interesting movies, Bad Girl. John Ford won for The Informer, a gorgeous film that has since fallen out of favor with critics and fans. I'm not even sure what to say about Norman Taurog for Skippy or Frank Lloyd for Cavalcade. (Has anyone seen those movies in the past 30 years?) Frank Capra won three times (!) during this decade. I like Capra, but I don't really love him; I'd say he probably deserved one Oscar, maybe for It Happened One Night, but not two others for Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and You Can't Take It With You. Of course, Victor Fleming won for Gone with the Wind, though he only directed about a third of it. And the decade's finest award went to Leo McCarey for his great The Awful Truth, although he also deserved one for Make Way for Tomorrow.
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