If you're a hardcore movie geek and you've been to Austin at least once, you're probably familiar with the magical Tim League. Along with his wife/partner Karrie, Mr. League is the man behind not only the sublime Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters, but he also unleashed Fantastic Fest upon the world AND found time to create a karaoke bar/bowling alley called The Highball. Obviously Mr. League does none of these things by himself. But he does captain one hell of a movie shrine.

Anyway, the man loves nothing more than scouring the planet for the finest in lunatic cinema, and if he doesn't track it down, one of his many scouts probably will. Logically, with SXSW 2010 freshly underway, I thought it'd be fun to chat with Tim about his obsession with international genre fare, and the man certainly didn't disappoint. Let's get to it:

How many North America film festivals do you go to each year? And how many outside North America?

Tim: Other than Fantastic Fest, of course, I personally attend about four North American festivals a year and probably four more outside of North America. In addition, the Fantastic Fest scouting team generally hits another four or five international festivals beyond what I attend. My anchors are the European Film Market/Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. We go to those two every year.

What countries would you say hold the most respect (or reverence) for genre films? More specifically, which countries/festivals love horror flicks the most?