Methinks Robert Downey Jr. re-thought that whole retirement business. At the end of last year, he told EW that he was thinking of hanging up his acting jacket, and now he's adding another project to his already busy pile of blockbusters. According to Deadline Hollywood, he's in negotiations to star in Gravity, the 3D science-fiction flick being helmed by Alfonso Cuarón.

Now you may be surprised that he's starring since, as Vulture pointed out last month, Angelina Jolie was to star in a role where she "would be alone on-screen for much of the movie, playing the sole surviving human member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth and her daughter." Unfortunately, the lone fighter is being changed up for a space team, and a surviving duo. Now the film is said to focus on "the leader of a team posted at a remote space station." (Hello, Moon!) " While he and a female colleague are traveling outside the space station, the other team members are decimated by debris from an exploded satellite."

Deadline asks: "The actor's starpower gives Warners execs a confidence boost because right now, how many actresses can carry a big sci-fi film themselves, outside of Jolie?" Sheesh. Really? With all of the female talent out there, is there really a concern that a woman couldn't handle headlining life in space? How long has it been since Ripley kicked some space ass?

As much as I love RDJ and know he will do a killer job, I can only hope his female co-star literally wipes the floor with him, acting-wise, and shows the studio-that-be that it's not necessary to perform cinematic sex changes. (Or creating duos out of thin air.) Any ideas on who the lucky lady should be?
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